I recently shot a boudoir session for my beautiful friend, Nikki, so that she could gift for her husband-to-be with an special album on their wedding day.  I think he will be pleased, don’t you? Last winter, I had the privilege to do some engagement photos for them, and now the wedding is almost here and they are getting married in sunny Costa Rica.  I wish them a perfect wedding day and a lifetime of happiness together. Congratulations Nikki and Randy!  


Oh spring break.  We had high hopes for sunshine and balmy weather.  For day trips to the zoo and the park, and maybe even some puddle-jumping.    Big sister is away in Victoria, enjoying the spring blossoms and mild temperatures, and I must confess, I’m getting a bit jealous every time a new text comes in with yet another flowering tree featured in it.  Our day will come. (It will right?  RIGHT?)  In the meantime, my boys will dog pile, wrestle, jump on every piece of furniture and chase each other around our tiny house causing the most amount of chaos possible.  And me thinks that some haircuts are long overdue.

Thanks for looking, now pop over to Amy’s blog to see the lovely images of what her brood have been up to this month.



  • Sarah - These are really great Sharmilla..but I LOVE that first shot so much! I love how the two older boys are both looking at the little guy in the middle…so cute!ReplyCancel

  • Anika Alonzo - Oh yeah, boys running wild in the house…does it sound like a herd of elephants passing through at your place too? I can not wait for it to be warmer so I can kick them out 😉
    And the hair? Yes. I tackled that last week too. Boys are something…right?
    Looks like they are having fun though :)ReplyCancel

  • Mindy - Wild boys are so much fun! I love the curls and the last picture is my favorite as it represents how they are so well.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - I love these pictures of your boys, but really love the one that the older ones are looking at him.ReplyCancel

My boys, like most their age, are goofballs.  Silly, hyper, loud and obnoxious.   They are growing out of round babyness, and into gap-toothed smiles and gangly limbs.  It’s hard to get them to slow down for a moment, but when I do, I can see just how beautiful they are, and marvel at the tiny glimpses I get of the men they will become.  Sometimes when I look into the eyes of my first-born son,  it makes me catch my breath and my heart skips a bit.  One day, I’ll lose his affections to youth and beauty, but for now he is my own little prince.


  • Grandpa Keester - Mucky is a handsome Prince!ReplyCancel

Our house is tiny and dark and cramped.  There aren’t a lot of options for natural light indoors here, and have I mentioned it’s been a really long winter?  The lack of photographic moments has me experimenting with some fun photography techniques.  This round was free-lensing.   I’m not in love with these, but it was a first attempt, and I am eager to try again.