The kids were home, most of them sick.  I wasn’t feeling that well either. Outside, the sun was shining her heart out, making the snow that was falling off trees and roofs look like diamond dust.  The shimmering crystals were too much to resist so Kashton and I took a few minutes outside to enjoy the beauty of winter.



I had the pleasure of shooting this session for a lovely young couple who had a lot to celebrate.  They had just moved into a new house and marked their 5th wedding anniversary.  I’ve had lots of camera-shy and camera-reluctant clients in the past, and most of them are of the “husband” species. Leif was one of these, but I so admire a man who can put aside his discomfort and/or boredom and patiently, kindly and lovingly indulge his wife to do something that is so important to her.  The little secret most men don’t know is that one day, years down the road, they will be so glad they took the time to document this time in their lives.  Especially when hairlines have receded or turned gray, bellies grown soft, and memories faded of what it felt like to be young and in love.




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The weather is finally starting to feel like spring.  And we have some beautiful blooming trees and gardens to prove it is.   With spring comes soccer, the busy final days of school, and we managed to squeak in a tiny weekend visit to one of our favourite vacation spots in Fairmont, BC.   Even with all this wonderful weather, and activity, I’ve had a hard time picking up my camera, but here are a few images of my four together this month!  Now follow on through to see the wonderful images from Robyn at State of Grace Photography.



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It’s April.  We’ve still had snow… too much of it.  In fact I still see weather symbols resembling snowflakes looming in our forecast.  So depressing.  However, when the sun comes out, it does feel like there is hope for spring.  The kids and I went for a walk on one of those rare evenings,  and they were giddy and ran around wildly like animals freed from the zoo.  Here’s to many more of these days against a hopefully increasingly verdant backdrop.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please head on over to check out the always lovely work of Annie Morris. 



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