Motherhood Project – August

Birthdays are tough on me as a mom.  My perfectionist issues really surface when it comes to birthday planning. Some years I pull off a pinterest-worthy bash.  Other years it’s a DQ cake and supper out.  Our small house doesn’t lend well to huge parties full of hyper little boys who’ve OD’d on sugar.  Having two September birthdays in our home is also not super budget-friendly, with school starting and all the new gear, clothes and fees that come with it.  Last year I failed miserably on all accounts.  Determined not to have a repeat of that this year, but also knowing I probably couldn’t pull out all the stops, I settled for a day at our favourite hang-out spot, in the last of the summer heat, with a few friends, some snacks and hastily-made homemade cupcakes.  It would have to do.  And it did just nicely.  The birthday boy was pleased as punch, and so was I.

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